Top 10 Best Items to Hire For Your Wedding or Special Event


Top 10 Products to Hire for your Wedding or Special Event​​ 


1st​​ of February 2019


We are very excited for the new year ahead! The beginning of a year is always the perfect time to get started on planning your wedding or other​​ special event. ​​ With so many weddings and engagement parties happening over the holiday seasons we wanted to share some of our most popular and unique products available to hire for your special event.​​ 

Number 10 – Hay Bales


Now we can probably guess what you are thinking, hay bales for a wedding? Our Hay Bales are perfect for that relaxed country feel and comfortable sit two or three people per bale. They blend in at most outdoor functions and can be used for decoration purposes as well. They can also be​​ decorated with covers like hessian, white lace or even flowers to match the style of your wedding or special event. ​​ 


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Number 9 – French Bistro Chairs​​ 


Our French Bistro Chairs are a stylish folding chair that provide comfortable seating perfect for beach, garden or wedding events. They bring an elegant touch to the finer details for those classic signature moments and blend in perfectly with a range of our other products available for hire like our rustic trestle tables.​​ 


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Number 8 – Rustic Trestle​​ Table​​ 


Completely versatile our rustic trestle table look beautiful at any event and can be styled with decorations to suit your theme. Made from recycled timber as a special show piece and providing ample space for 8 to 10 guests to sit​​ comfortably, our rustic trestle table provide a special look by creating an appealing natural relaxed vibe.​​ 


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Number 7 – Umbrella Barrel​​ 


If you are planning an outdoor wedding during summer our Umbrella Barrels are a must have. They not only provide some shade to keep your guests cool during the heat, they also provide enough space on the top to place your drinks on the barrel. To go a step further we also have Barrel Bar Umbrellas available, which are essentially the same except the barrel is fitted with a circular table top and provides extra table space to sit six people for meals and drinks in the shade.​​