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RAW – 225L Barrique Wine Barrel (Natural State)

Original price was: $290.00.Current price is: $250.00.

All our 225L Barrique Wine Barrels are repurposed wine barrels sourced from South Australian Wineries that have been inspected and approved for furniture use. These Natural State Barrels are amazing if you wish to customise the barrel yourself or just want a bit of a DIY project.

Since all our barrels are repurposed, they are all slightly unique in their shape and colouring. When purchasing more than one we try to ensure (if requested) you receive barrels that are similar in stature and go together aesthetically.

225L Barrique Wine Barrel (Natural State) Dimensions:

Height – 920mm – 960mm

Bilge (Belly) Diameter – 680mm – 700mm

Lid Diameter – 500mm – 540mm

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