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Esky Logo Barrel


3 in stock (can be backordered)

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Over the years we have acquired a variety of x promotional barrels. Our Logo Barrels have been fitted with an inbuilt esky storing over 70 cans and ice. Our Esky Logo Barrel is fitted with an internal 70 L food grade Australian made with a high-quality plastic drum, insulated with foam and fitted with a plumbing system to train the icy water.

Our wonderful Esky Logo Barrels have hand painted designs using an old-school technique. Our Esky Logo Barrels are finished in decking oil with stainless steel screws in each band to maintain the barrels authenticity and integrity. A variety of designs such as Bundaberg Rum, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, NRL teams and more are available.

To maintain its authentic look our Esky Logo Barrel comes with a metal lid on top and has 2 anchored rope handles on either side to help carry from party to party. It has been carefully designed to allow continuous use of the barrel as an esky and table. This order can take up to 14 days, with our valued customers being placed on a waiting list. Great talking point for the entertainer.

Product Measurements (Approximately)

  • Height 1000 – 1050 mm
  • Length 750 – 800 mm
  • Width 750 – 800 mm
  • Weight 70 – 90 kg
  • Esky capacity 70 L